✦ Citty ✦ (lilrand0m_chik) wrote in staticslash,
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Well, recently I've been on a high to make (kink) memes for fandoms that havent already been made to hopefully make it more popular. 

So would you fans be really interested if I made a Static Shock Anonymous (kink) Meme?

Anonymous Memes is for fans who like to post anonymously a request of a pairing and a situation (usually a kink), and sooner or later, someone else anonymously replies with what the requester is asking. (I'm bad at explaining) 

If you aren't sure what I mean, just go to my community HERE. It has a few fandom Memes already there. =]

The reason (kink) is in brackets because usually anonymous memes are for kinky situations, but I was thinking maybe I should also allow non-kink situations, such as a sweet/fluff or something to a pairing [as long as theirs a situation typed with it as well]. 

So anyway.. I'm a bad explainer. Sorry. 

But is anyone interested if I did make a Static Shock (Kink) Meme? 
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